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Mike Backlund - CEO / EVP of Field Operations

"Steve Weinberg and Next Wave Consulting are highly professional. They deliver exactly what they commit to. Steve Weinberg Has been the best recruiting relationship I've forged in the Enterprise Software Industry"

Paul Gilman - VP, Global Field Success at Datastax

Steve is a passionate leader and someone who I really enjoy working and parterning with. Steve has helped my business tremendously in really understanding my hiring needs, listening to my specific requirements, and working with my team's in a highly impactful way. What I like specifically with Steve is no games - transparent discussions and results oriented. Steve's passion, enthusiasm, and ability to execute are world class.

Michael Leinweber - VP of Professional Services

Over the years I have built a partnership with Steve Weinberg, and Next Wave Consulting driven by the commitment they show, the consistently excellent candidates submitted (no weeding through dozens of empty resumes), the attention to detail, and the ease of doing business with them. I know that when I work with Steve and Next Wave, I will get the best people fast. Best and Fast turn into immediate ROI on the relationship and make Next Wave my number one choice whenever I need to fill a key position. This makes the fees seem miniscule!"

Chris O'Reilly - V.P.- Client Solutions 

In my 20 years in the software business I have yet to find a recruiter that operates with higher integrity, greater attention to detail and an absolute commitment to find the best candidates for my positions than Steve. He does a great job at understanding the roles he is recruiting for locating the right candidates. On top of all these great skills I really enjoy working with Steve!

Eric Wick - V.P. of Sales 

Steve has helped me in finding technology sales and engineering talent for the past decade. He works closely with hiring managers to understand the skills and experience that they are looking for. He takes time to understand your business, as well as offering you guidance during the interview process. You will spend your time talking to qualified candidates since he will manage the entire search and interview process. Seems to have a knack for getting top talent, not just retreads from the job boards.

Francois Rivard - Solutions Engineer 

Steve is extremely professional and detail oriented.  He knows how to put a winning plan together and execute it.  In addition, he's a straight shooter and genuine nice guy. I'd recommend him to any of my colleagues.  

Marcus Cain- Strategic Account Executive 

I’ve found Steve to be an exceptional recruiter. From a candidates standpoint Steve understands the businesses, people involved and value propositions of opportunities he presents. He knows specifically what each hiring manager is looking and understands the hiring process of the organization. Steve’s resume review and interview preparation are especially helpful.

Paras Mehra - Big Data Engineer 

Let me start off by saying that working with Steve was a great experience. He is there side by side with you every step of the way. He will fight for you and do his best to make sure you get the job you want. I highly recommend Steve. It was truly an amazing experience working with him.

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